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Corrective Shoes

Corrective shoes have a wide variety of applications and can both prevent lameness as well as help cure or reduce lameness problems.

Some corrective shoes such as straight bars can be fitted upon assessment of a horse where visual diagnosis can be achieved whether this is as proactive or reactive measure.  Other types, such as the heart bar can often require the expertise of a Vet as x-rays can be necessary prior to the application of this type of shoe.  This is due to how accurately they have to be fitted for certain conditions/problems.  An incorrectly fitted heart bar shoe could be fatal to a horse if you are putting load on the bar.

We will always advise clients when we think any corrective work is required on their horse.  We will, if necessary instruct the client that we wish their Vet to be involved in the diagnosis and prognosis of a condition and state whether x-rays of the horses lower leg and/or foot are required. 

As Corrective Farriery work takes a great deal longer and greater knowledge the prices of the shoes are greater than that of normal shoeing.  Due to the increased costs involved in carrying out Corrective Farriery, discussion with each client is required prior to carrying out any work.  This is necessary to ensure the client understands fully the costs involved with each case. 


Steel Bar Shoes

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Straight Bar


Egg Bar


Heart Bar



Plastic & Glue-on Shoes

Glue-on shoes have dramatically changed how we as Farriers can treat lameness in horses.

With the latest glues and plastics we can now fit and mould plastic shoes to get the best possible fit.  In our opinion the best glue-on plastic shoe available on today's market is the Imprint range of shoes.

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Dalric Cuff


Mustad Easy Glu



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Key Benefits Of Steel Bar Shoes

  • Give additional support to the back of the limb
  • Spreads the horses weight over a greater surface area
  • Gives extra stability to the hoof capsule


Key Benefits of Plastic/Glue-on Shoes

  • No banging in of nails on a sensitive foot
  • Flexes with the foot
  • Light weight